Senator Derrick T. Simmons, Minority Leader of Senate, speaks in support of State Health Officer Dr. Thomas Dobbs

I totally support State Health Officer Dr. Thomas Dobbs and the work he has done to educate and help protect Mississippians during the COVID 19 pandemic.

I appreciate Dr. Dobbs’ work, his passion, and his dedication for trying to get Mississippians vaccinated against this deadly virus, despite the personal, unprovoked, and senseless attacks on his character and credibility by members of the public who intentionally spread misinformation about the virus to discourage others from protecting themselves by being vaccinated.

The sin in this is the opposition who twist facts to discredit the work of Dr. Dobbs and all our valuable healthcare workers during this public health crisis.

I hope the rational people in Mississippi will dismiss the efforts of misguided critics of Dr. Dobbs and stand behind his work and understand and support his efforts to save Mississippi lives through increased awareness of vaccinations and safety protocols. Let us condemn the ulterior motives of those preaching against Dr. Dobbs and his efforts to vaccinate Mississippians and save lives.



Mississippi Senate Minority Leader Derrick T. Simmons

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