Senator Derrick T. Simmons' bill signed into law that lets cities allow golf carts and low speed vehicles operate on streets

Cities in Bolivar, Coahoma and Washington counties and others statewide can now allow operation of golf carts and low speed vehicles on streets, thanks to Senator Derrick T. Simmons, primary author of Senate Bill 2605 that was signed into law by Governor Tate Reeves on Thursday, March 18.

The new law does not require authorization. It simply allows cities, if they so choose, to permit operation of these low speed vehicles.  Operators must possess drivers’ licenses and proof of insurance.

Senator Simmons, Chairman of the Senate Municipalities Committee said, “On behalf of the Mississippi Municipal League and all of our cities and towns, I thank Governor Reeves for approving the legislation. I look forward to working more with Governor Reeves, Lt. Governor Hosemann, Speaker Gunn, House Municipalities Committee Chairman Randy Rushing, and MML on legislation that supports our cities and towns.”

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