Members of Sunflower County Ministerial Alliance Counseling Services Inc., (SCMACS) met with state senators representing the Mississippi Delta to resolve a growing homeless population problem

Members of Sunflower County Ministerial Alliance Counseling Services Inc., (SCMACS) met on Thursday, October 22, 2020, at the Capitol with state senators representing the Mississippi Delta whose areas have a growing homeless population.

The group has identified 342 homeless persons living in Bolivar, Coahoma, Humphreys, Leflore, Sunflower, Tallahatchie and Washington counties – those bordering Sunflower County.

The goal is to find funding and governmental assistance to resolve the problem before it grows out of hand, officials said. Both short and long term solutions are being discussed.

Senator Derrick T. Simmons, Mississippi Senate Democratic Minority Leader, (left), said they appreciated the work of SCMACS and have committed to assisting them.

“Sadly the homeless problem is one that affects all of us and we need to get it addressed and fixed as quickly as possible for the sake of humanity and our communities in general,” Senator Simmons said. “We are working on this end to help each of these communities get people off the streets, out of abandoned houses and off park benches and lawns and into some kind of temporary housing until SCMACS can help them solve the problems that caused their homelessness.”

Standing left to right with Senator Derrick T. Simmons are Dr. Robert Green,Senator Sarita Simmons, Tommie White Jr., Reverend Phillip McGee Sr., Senator Joseph Thomas, B.A. Sims Hawkins and Reverend Harvey Green.

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