Mississippi Legislative Black Caucus News Release regarding state investigation.

The Mississippi Legislative Black Caucus finds the recent arrests of John Davis, former Executive Director of the Mississippi Department of Human services and officials of Mississippi Community Education Center, a Mississippi non-profit, to be utterly disgusting. Those involved have been charged with concocting an elaborate scheme to take millions of government dollars through their connection with the Mississippi Department of Human Services. “I shudder to think of the families, programs and services that went unaddressed and unfunded while those involved took government dollars for themselves. It is a shame and disgrace for them to have lined their pockets with money set aside for our families and children,” said Angela Turner Ford, Chair of the Mississippi Legislative Black Caucus. Reports indicate the former Executive Director of the Mississippi Department of Human Services and officials of the Mississippi non-profit generated falsified documents and engaged in deceptive accounting practices to defraud government. “The Mississippi Legislative Black Caucus will work in our capacities as legislators to right these wrongs. Our constituents deserve good government and better oversight,” said Ford.


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