Senator Derrick T. Simmons announced $11.6 million in road and bridge funding in his district

This week the Mississippi Transportation Commission on Tuesday announced funding for 12 emergency road and bridge repair projects within my Senate District 12 totaling $11,609,870 that I am grateful to announce to my constituents. I will continue to advocate for more funding for counties and cities in my senate district.

The projects are:


Bolivar County:

·          Pemble Road, Federal Route No. 665 between the Community of Symonds and the Community of Malvina, $ 2,126,550.62.


·          West Mound Bayou Road, Federal State Aid Route 1611 between US Highway 61 and MS Highway 1, $ 1,193,766.59.

·          Litton Road, Federal State Aid Route 608, $ 1,845,759.44.

Second Avenue, Federal State Aid Route 1610 $ 538,518.70


Total $5,704,593


Coahoma County:


1609 – Johnson Road, $ 1,537,348.34.


Washington County:


·         Murphy Road $ 1,420,259.00

·         Pricilla Road $ 1,200,004.48

·         Smiley Road $ 345,781.60

·         Bassi Road $ 345,781.60

·         Pete’s Dump Road $ 404,502.90

·         Stone Airport Road $ 305,921.45

·         Eifling Road $ 345,781.60


Total $4,368,029


District total: $11,609,870


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Please call me at 601-359-3221 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if I can be of assistance. Please know that I am always looking to improve our district and our state and your input is valuable.

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